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Don’t Miss Your Chance to Be Mentored by The Best! Learn from a Premiere Life Coach, Highly Sought after CEO, and Entrepreneur who Leverages over $20 billion in Relationship Capital.

David Meltzer is the CEO of Sports 1 Marketing and recipient of Variety Magazine and Unite4: Humanity’s inaugural “Sports Humanitarian of the Year” award for his involvement with over 100 charitable events and foundations annually. National Bestselling Author of Connected to Goodness, David is also a Forbes Top Ten Keynote Speaker for 2016, advisor to over 50 companies, a devoted humanitarian, world-class connector and a masterful business expert who will teach you how to be statistically successful and use his proven principles to help you achieve the success you desire.

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Realize that this is a time-sensitive invitation to develop a close relationship with a business leader that will exponentially expand your results in your life and business. 

…and NO, you won’t have to spend thousands of dollars like you would on similar programs
With so many opportunities in America, why are so many entrepreneurs failing at such an alarming rate? How can you avoid being one of them?
It's no secret: 
 SBA statistics show nearly 50% of all new businesses fail in the first three years. And as you are aware, the challenges don’t stop there!

According to research conducted by Entrepreneur Weekly, lack of experience, focus, training, planning, finances, market knowledge, product knowledge, and more, are among the most common reasons for business failure. 

As a growth-oriented businessperson who is constantly overcoming challenges, you are no doubt sometimes stressed and overwhelmed, trying to distinguish between what will work and what won't. You may feel that you’re chasing a dream that just isn’t manifesting in the right way.

Your Experience Can Be Different by mentoring with David!

Now, you can learn from a leading hyper-successful -- and masterful -- entrepreneur who has built multiple thriving businesses exactly the right way -- with proven approaches and principles that have consistently taken each new business to unparalleled heights.

While continuing to run several multi-million dollar companies, David has recently co-founded the highly successful "Mission Meetings®" Mentoring program along with CEO, Jerry Conti, serial entrepreneur, humanitarian, and successful Strategic Partnership Expert. 

For a limited time, David and Jerry have come together to host a series of low investment/high yield, wealth building, and business Mission Meetings® that will radically up-level your results. 

This is laser-focused life and business mentoring like you’ve never experienced!

Just a few of the topics you’ll master from Mission Meetings®:
  • How to get past procrastination easily
  • The power of 64 to radically improve your productivity
  • The power of clarity, balance, focus and confidence
  • How to make your quarterly plan work using 4 key elements of strategy
  • How to attract all of the resources you'll need to take you and your business to the next level.
  • And much more.
What Do David's Students Have To Say?
Michelle Patterson
President - California Women's Network
Paul Symczak
Executive VP - OCTANe OC
Ellie Anest
Partner at Eleven Eleven Wines
Mentoring with David Meltzer means learning from his personal mentors too.
Aspects of the wisdom that will be passed along to you have come from some of David’s personal mentors like Billionaire Steve Wynn, Co-founder of Microsoft Paul Allen, and Football Hall of Famer Warren Moon.
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